This Class is a simplification of this Needle Art! 

Do you love the look of traditional Molas from South America, but can’t imagine doing all the intricate needle turn and applique?

Molas are traditional needlework found in Panama. Authentic molas are made from many layers of colorful fabric, layered underneath a black or dark fabric. The dark fabric is cut away and the raw edges are turned under to reveal the colorful layers below. Then they are decorated with embroidery.

They involve lots and lots of tiny little needle turn stitches and tons and tons of time!

I have designed what I call Mock Molas. They are created using Felt, Batik Flannel, and a reverse applique technique, and then embroidered and embellished with some beads, yarns, or buttons. I feel that they have the joy, color, and spirit of the authentic mola, without all the difficult work!

Use Felt and Flannel to replicate the feel of the Mola without all the hard work!

Each one is approximately 10″ square. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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