Mock Molas !

A Traditional Art
Modified and Made in Felt

Alice Ridge Quilts

Have you looked at the beautiful Molas from Panama and gone green with envy?  I have!  I love the look of Traditional Molas, with all the layers of colored fabrics and fancy stitches!

I thought that I would make one myself, but then really turned green when I realized how much detail work and teeny tiny stitches were involved! 

So, I created this class to modify the Traditional Mola by using Felt to make a project that keeps the style and colors of the original, but is so much easier and faster! 

This is a hand work class, but it is easy and relaxing to do. 

I hope you enjoy these Molas as much as I do!

A kit is required for this class. It will available from the instructor on the class day.

Take This Class

If you are interested in taking this class please have your guild or local quilt shop contact me.