These are some of the Classes that I teach. 

However, If you have a special technique or style of quilting that your Guild would like to have presented in a workshop, please let me know!  After 40 years of quilting, I’m familiar with lots of different quilty things to do! 

Quilt As You Go

Wall-hanging American Stars Pattern

Class covers different ways to quilt and assemble a wall hanging.

Classic Stars & Stripes Design, easy techniques to finish your project quickly!

Modified Molas

Do you love the look of traditional Molas from South America, but can’t imagine doing all the intricate needle turn and applique?

This Class is a simplification of this Needle Art! 

Use Felt and Flannel to replicate the feel of the Mola without all the hard work!

Thread Doodling and Fabric Paint

A Class to explore how different paints and threads can be used to enhance and embellish your quilt.

Tucks, Textures and Embellishments:

 This is a technique class that will explore fabric manipulation and a variety of ways to embellish your quilts.  Bobbin work, pin-tucks, pleats, couching, and beads are only a few of the many topics covered!


Traditional Quilting Element to enhance areas of your quilts. The class will present 3 different techniques.

Improvisational Curves

aka STRAIGHT Lines are for SISSIES!: Free Form technique using curves to create flow and motion in your quilt.  Warning: Very Addictive! You may end up with a whole bunch of Art Quilts!


It looks like Applique, but it is Paint! A fun technique to add a whole new dimension to your quilting!

Free Motion Quilting – 2 classes available

Basics:  From Filler Stitches to Feathers, an introduction Free Motion Quilting !!

Step it up!  :   More complex filler stitches and designs,   Border Work, and a Whole Lot of    


Ireland- Celtic Knotwork

The Book of Kells, a richly illustrated manuscript from the Middle Ages contains probably the most well-known examples of this artwork.  The project for this class is inspired by the detailed and amazing art of the Celtic Knot. The class will be a modern technique update of the traditional form.  This is a handwork class.  

Japanese  Sashiko

This unique needlework from Japan is both simple and elegant. Come and see how this ancient technique can be a modern classic.  This is a handwork class.

Korean  Pojagi

This needlework is from Korea and has a rich history and tradition.  The project for this class will be made of both silk and cotton, with some unique Korea accents.  The project will be demonstrated for both and hand-work and Machine. Come join us, bring your machine or you can sew it by hand!  Your choice!

Panama/Central America   Mock Molas

The Mola is a beautiful and colorful art design that is originally from the Kuni people of Panama. Traditionally done with lots of colors, lots of layers of fabric and lots of laborious teeny-tiny needle-turn hand stitches! Our class project will be a Modified Mola that will have the flavor of the original without all of the work.

This is a handwork class, so, no machines. Bring your thimbles and prepare to get addicted to this colorful, fun and very easy technique!

Guatemalan  Dimensional Embroidery

The Mayan people of Guatemala have a rich textile history.  I am very excited to offer this new class in Guatemalan style embroidery!

This is a handwork class, so bring along your thimbles and thread snip scissors and we are going to learn something beautiful !!

English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing is a traditional technique most commonly seen in the very popular hexagon pattern Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  So, We will be making Hexagons! However, everyone who knows me knows that I just can’t do what everybody else is doing, so we won’t be making traditional hexies!  

This is a hand work class, so,  no machines! Bring your Thimbles and prepare for a relaxing project that you can carry with you and work on at any time, anywhere. 

Hawaiian Applique

You will have your choice of 3 different techniques to create the classic Hawaiian art form.  Traditional Needle-turn applique, Contemporary Machine applique and a Faux-Applique technique that gives a new twist on a traditional style of quilting!  When you register for the class, You choose which technique you would like to use. All 3 techniques will be demonstrated!